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DIY “Happy Halloween” Card with Silhouette Cameo 4 | Free Templates

Happy Halloween Card

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Hello Super Cute!

Some cultures think we should see death as part of life, so Halloween deserves to be celebrated with style.

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a beautiful Happy Halloween Card with Silhouette Cameo, if you have Cricut, Brother, or another plotter machine, you can also use the format supported by your software and follow the tutorial.

Plus I’ll give you lots of free design templates for you to enjoy making your DIY arrangements for this remarkable date. When you download a design file it automatically downloads in SVG, Ai, DXF, Studio3, and Webp formats.

These are the topics that we will cover in today’s tutorial:

  • Materials and accessories
  • Steps to arrange your card layout in Silhouette Studio
  • Cutting process in Silhouette Cameo 4
  • Assembly process.

In this tutorial, we will learn and have fun at every step, so if you are new to this world I suggest you stick to the instructions to get a wonderful project.

Materials and accessories

*If you do not have this tool, you can cut the phrase from the Card “HAPPY HALLOWEEN” in vinyl or cardstock and then, paste it on the card.

**It is only necessary in case you are going to use the Sketch Pen Silhouette.

Arrange the Silhouette Studio Layout

These are the elements of the card that you are going to make in this tutorial, as you can see, they have two colors and two different materials.

The cover of the card is made of orange cardstock.

The cover has a Halloween landscape, I suggest you use black cardstock with glitter.

Inside the card, I suggest you decorate it with some bats made of black cardstock with glitter and the phrase “HAPPY HALLOWEEN” written with a Sketch Pen Silhouette.

Are you ready? I’m so excited!

Let’s start with the design!

Step 1: Upload the Happy Halloween Card design template

Download the Happy Halloween card design file to a folder on your PC, then open the Silhouette Studio program and click the “File” button in the top panel, then click “Open.”

In the dialog box, browse to the folder in which you stored the design and double-click the file to open it in the Silhouette design software.

Step 2: Arrange the design for the cut

The Happy Halloween Card design is 11 in (29 cm) wide by 7.5 in (19 cm) long, meaning when folded it will be 5.5 in (14 cm) wide.

If you want another size, you must adjust it before ungrouping and regrouping the elements for cutting, if the size of the design is fine for you then you just have to follow the step by step.

In the central region of the design area, you will find the elements ready for cutting.

This is how you should see the layout when you open it:

In the design area you will find the following pieces:

  • A rectangle 11 in (29 cm) wide by 7.5 in (19 cm) long that corresponds to the outer face of the card, contains a dotted line in the center that corresponds to the crease or fold line.
  • A rectangle that contains the design of the Halloween landscape with the phrase “Trick or treat”, corresponds to the cover of the card.
  • The phrase “HAPPY HALLOWEEN” to be sketched inside the card.

Cutting process

Step 1: Select the elements, materials, tools, and cutting settings for each element.

You must drag out of the design area the elements or layers that you do not want to cut yet and leave only the element that you are going to cut, I am going to start with the card cover, but you can do it in any order.

To cut the cover you must select the orange cardstock and put it on the cutting mat, load the mat into the machine with the added material.

Insert the AutoBlade into the carriage 1 of the machine.

Click the “Send” button in the upper right section of the menu and set the cutting options.

Very good, everything is ready to cut the cover.

Now I suggest you continue with the second element, the cover that contains the Halloween landscape, you must bring it to the design area.

To cut the cover, you must select the black cardstock with glitter and put it on the cutting mat, load the mat into the machine with the adhered material.

Insert the AutoBlade into the carriage 1 of the machine.

Click the “Send” button in the upper right section of the menu and set the cutting options.

I suggest setting line segment overcut to 0.5.


  • The configuration varies depending on the materials you have chosen for your card.
  • A low speed will help you cut this part of the design with better quality.

Good, everything is ready… you can make the cut!

Note: To achieve the beige color on the cover details like the doors, windows, pumpkins, and bats, I only had to remove the top layer of the black glitter cardstock once the machine had made the cut.

Thus, I managed to make these elements in beige, which is the color of the middle layers of the material that I used, you can do it this way or make the complete cut of the material.

Great, let’s continue!

Step 2: Sketch the phrase “HAPPY HALLOWEEN”

Bring to the design area, the card cover with the phrase “HAPPY HALLOWEEN” located at the bottom right of the card.

To sketch this phrase, you must select the cover in orange color previously cut and put it on  the cutting mat, load the mat on the machine with the added material. 

Now you must take the Sketch Pen Silhouette of black color with glitter and put it in the blue adapter, then you must insert it into the carriage 1 of the machine. 

In the upper right section of the menu, click “Send” and set the options for your sketch.

Select just the message and click “Sketch”.

Note: For best results when sketching out your message, you should ensure that the cutting mat is always flat when entering and exiting the machine (not curled).

This helps you prevent the Sketch Pen Silhouette from generating unwanted scratches on the material, you can help by removing the roll feeder located at the bottom of the machine. 

Now you can send to sketch your message!

Here are the pieces you should have when you’re done cutting the card:

  • The outer cover of the card in orange cardstock with the phrase “HAPPY HALLOWEEN” sketched inside.
  • The cover with the Halloween landscape in black cardstock with glitter.
  • Bats on black cardstock with glitter.

Assembly process

I am so excited to assemble my card, I really think its wonderful!

Step 1: Using Glue

Glue the cover to the front face using a high-quality glue.

Use high-quality glue to glue the bats at the top right to the inside of the card.

It's so beautiful!

Congratulations, your Happy Halloween Card is ready!

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I hope you have as much fun making Halloween crafts as I do! Here you can find the design template I used in this tutorial and many others to inspire you to make multiple Super Boo! Crafts.