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Discover the Incredible Cutting and Embossing Machine, the Sizzix Big Shot Plus

Sizzix Big Shot Plus

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In the world of DIY, there is a wide variety of tools that help us wonderful projects. Many of these tools, especially the desktop plotter machines, require us to undergo a training process in using a design software which can sometimes be a headache… Fortunately for us, there is the Sizzix Big Shot Plus!

This does not require an arduous training process for its handling since its operation is completely manual!

In this space I want you to discover its attributes, characteristics and uses.

I will explain, in a very summarized way, the reasons why it is my favorite:

  • It has a larger platform than the original Sizzix Big Shot and their similar references. This allows you to use a large number of die-cuts and embossing folders from the Sizzix line for a greater variety of creations.
  • It is not as big as the Sizzix Big Shot Pro, which makes it easier to handle and carry for its size and weight.
  • Both the machine and its accessories have an intermediate price among all the Sizzix references that are available on the market.
  • Its mode of operation is fully manual. It allows you to take it wherever you want without requiring a power source for its function.
  • Finally… It has a beautiful design!

Sizzix Big Shot Plus - Unboxing

I invite you to discover what’s in the Sizzix Big Shot Plus box… How exciting!

This is what you should find inside the box:

The first step you must take, once you have unpacked your Sizzix machine, is to carry out the crank assembly process.

How to Assemble the Crank?

As you can see in the image, the Sizzix Big Shot Plus does not have the crank assembled for packaging reasons. That is why you must finish the assembly process yourself, it is very simple, in the following video, I will show you how you can do it.

What Accessories Does the Sizzix Big Shot Plus Include and What Are They For?

There are many accessories and tools compatible with Sizzix embossing and die-cutting machines. However, the most important for the basic operation of each machine is included with the purchase.

The following accessories are included with the Sizzix Big Shot Plus:

  • A Multipurpose Platform (Grey)
  • One Type A Adapter (Blue)
  • A Type B Adapter (Pink)
  • A pair of Cutting Pads (transparent methacrylate sheets)

The use of these elements depends on the activity that you are going to carry out with your machine.

All accessories (except the cutting pads) have diagrams or drawings on the surface that explain in detail the guidelines on how to stack the materials and accessories to get the perfect Sizzix sandwich.

The Sizzix sandwich is the order and quantity of cut (die-cut) or embossed accessories that you will put through the machine’s slot. Since these have a different order depending on the activity you are doing.

The two standard cutting pads (transparent methacrylate sheets) are used to protect the rollers of the machine, the platform, and the adapters from the edge of the die-cuts and from the pressure of the embossing folders.

It is normal for these to have a progressive deterioration with use. However, you can easily find them in the market in different sizes according to your needs or preferences and at a very affordable price.

How do Sizzix Cut and Emboss Machines Work?

The Sizzix Big Shot Plus is used for die-cutting, embossing and engraving.

To develop these functions, Sizzix embossing folders and die-cuts are required, in addition to the machine.

Cut (Die Cut)

Die-cutting is the same as cutting, but as its name says, it is cut with a metal blade called a die.

The dies have a predetermined shape, such as a heart or a circle, in the market, you can find thousands of designs so that you can let your imagination run wild.

Die-cutting allows you to produce figures easily and quickly using different types of materials such as paper, cardstock, straw cardboard, pressed wood, leather, EVA foam and more!…

To make a die-cut you need a machine (die-cutter) and a die (blade).

It is not really the machine that physically cuts the material with which you are working, but rather it exerts pressure on the die so that it cuts it and thus achieves the design.

Die-Cutting with a Sizzix Die

Emboss (Relief)

Another basic function of the Sizzix is embossing. This consists of embossing a material with one of the Sizzix machines and an embossing folder.

Embossing folders have an engraved design by default and, like die-cuts, there is a wide variety on the market.

In this case, the machine exerts pressure on the embossing folder and the material. Consequently, the material acquires the relief of the folder. You can also do the embossing with colored transfer paper for a better finish.

Advice: When you want to die cut and generate relief on the same material, you must first cut it and then generate the relief for an optimal result.

You can also generate relief or stamps with the dies.

However, for this function, you require the included platform of the machine and the Stamping and Transfer Set that consists of an impression pad and a silicone rubber. This Set is not included with the machine.

You can do dry engraving to generate relief in the material with the shape of the die or engraving with ink (stamping). In these two cases, you have the option of using the dies to the right (on the side of the blade) and backwards (back or smooth side of the die) for a greater variety of designs.

Other Accessories Compatible With the Sizzix Big Shot Plus

As you have just seen, the Sizzix Big Shot Plus has some basic accessories that allow it to function correctly. However, in the articleKnow Everything About the Accessories and Tools of the Sizzix Line. You will be able to find many other accessories available in the market that can be used with this wonderful machine and that will help you increase the variety of creations that you can achieve.

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I did, it took me over 36 hours to make it and I put all my love into it to make sure you understand everything!

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